You will have silky, fresh hair when you use WEN by Chaz.

When you walk into a Beauty Shop looking for hair care products, you will feel as if you were dropped in a maze. There is such a large variety of shampoos, conditioners (leave in and rinse out), detanglers, and oils. I can go on and on. How do you choose what is the right brand and formula for your hair?


There are many factors you must consider when grooming your hair. The product you use maybe specific for a particular hair style. Or, maybe your need to let your hair rest from daily styling. How you care for our hair depends on your hair type and length. It also depends on whether your hair is oily, dry, brittle, holds volume or limp. Knowing your hair type and what products work for you is very important.


I’ve found one product that works for my hair. And I’d like to share my experience using it with you. My hair is limp and dry. This a tough combination to work with. It’s the type of hair that frizzes at the slightest hint of humidity. It will not hold a straightened curl. Yet, it’s naturally curly. I have a tough time finding products that will not strip my hair and will give it volume.


I would use several products to get the styling results I desired. Then I found WEN ( WEN by Chaz has saved my hair and my pocket. I no longer have to buy shampoo, conditioner and detangler. WEN is an all in one hair care product that leaves your hair clean and manageable.


Instead of washing, rinsing, conditioning, and rinsing again, you just condition with one application of WEN cleansing conditioner. I usually shower and wash my hair at the same time. Using WEN, I add a palm full to my hair at the very beginning of my shower. Then message it in thoroughly and rinse it at the end of the shower. Try Wen today! Get discount codes at to save on your order. Your hair will be clean, silky and fresh.

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