Waiakea Water: A Gift Of Water By Fire, Volcanic Water is a truly hot topic!

The Hawaiian-based makers of the bottled water Waiakea Water have entered the Volcanic Water market in a eruptive fashion with their own unique offering during the decade.

Like many things on planet Earth, volcanoes can sometimes take away as witnessed via the recent eruption activity with Mt. Kilauua. However, more often than not, the mountains of fire also give many precious gifts back in kind. They form new land masses and amazingly enough; help process what would be tasty life-giving water. This gift comes from another Hawaiian volcano: Mauna Loa.

Waiakea Water’s processing techniques are primarily natural; as Mauna Loa’s location is in one of the rainiest regions on the globe. The constant rains barrage slabs of volcanic rock on the volcano and the water is naturally filtrated as it cascades through thousands of feet of volcanic rock. This water then collects important nutrients from the heated rock; making it naturally alkaline at a pH level of 8.2; which reflects its high alkaline content and minimal acidic level in their product; according to their labeling.

Popularity with volcanic water is at an all time high due to its reported health benefits that include ample hydration, improved skin and nail conditions and its ability to alkalize one’s body and stomach. Being alkaline is now an ideal among health and fitness guru circles. Hydration continues to be the objective for obvious reasons for many attempting to attain extreme health levels.

Waiakea Water is a noticeable brand because of its distinctive origin alone. Their bottling is aesthetically pleasing to the eye to behold. Knowing where the water originates from makes the product very attractive in kind for those truly seeking pure ingredients in these days of micro-processing and brewing that are also very popular at the present.

The makers of Waiakea Water are fiery in their passion for their product; and always glad to share this gift by fire from the waters of the volcano Mauna Loa; the original giver itself.