Sam Jejurikar Contributions to the World of Plastic Surgery

Sameer Jejurikar’s journey in the world of plastic surgery is a perfect illustration of determination and strong work ethics. As one of the most successful professional in plastic surgery in the larger Dallas location, he has been part of the group that is changing the general perception of this profession by injecting professionalism and better approaches to plastic surgery. Due to his unmatched approach to this profession, he has been a recipient of some of the best awards in the medical world. He has also mentored young professionals that have an interest in plastic surgery in Texas. The following are some of the reasons why he is one of the best professionals in this medical niche.

First, he is one of the most productive individuals in the medical world. In one of his interviews in early 2018, Sameer Jejurikar pointed out that his daily schedules are well thought and he plans everything. He pointed out that although his main occupation is meeting with his clients/patients, he has other obligations. In order to balance his obligations as a surgeon and as a businessperson, he has to plan everything. This approach to productivity according to him has helped him to capitalize on time without compromising his surgery appointments.

Second, although the plastic surgery is in the medical world, he is always on a journey to challenge some medical realities by research. Through research, he points out that he has been inspired to work harder and improve the lives of his clients. Although he has a deep understanding of different medical realities, the patients’ opinions according to him are important for his practice. Sameer Jejurikar points that understanding what clients expect shapes his research and in return come up with futuristic ways to solve clients’ worries. In addition, understanding the trends in the medical world according to him is important for his growth as a professional.