Rodrigo Terpins, Brazilian Rally Driver and Entrepreneur

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the successful rally drivers in Brazil as well as an entrepreneur. Rodrigo races for the Bull Sertoes Rally team together with other competitors. Alongside his brother he is recognized in Brazil ad across the world in the motorsports. Rodrigo and Michel Terpins works as a team in the Professional Circuit Racing and the international team Sertoes Rally. The rally is worldly recognized by being one of the hardest rally terrains in the world therefore competing bin the races requires rich skills. In participating in the race, much enthusiasm is required since the winners are determined by finishing in the shortest time possible.

Working as a rally driver requires concentration and communication skills together with tour teammate making it one of the most complicated sports. The most vital tool in the competition is the chemistry between the duo which ensures success in the races within the shortest time. Rodrigo Terpin races with his brother in the Sertoes Bull as a duo since becoming partners in 2015. In the recent rally, they emerged the top 10 in the competition their car having a mechanical problem. It was an incredible performance since no one expected them to gain such a position.

In the races they participated in Prototype T1 managing the third position and the eight position in Sertoes Rally. Since the competition they have been widely recognized. Today, Rodrigo works as an entrepreneur as well as a rally driver following his father’s steps who was a basketballer. Recently, Rodrigo Terpins talked about his business which he conducts outside racing. He said that communicating about the business idea with friends is an important tool in bringing the idea to fruition.

Floresvale is Rodrigo’s venture where he wanted improve in the sustenance of an Environmental friendly Brazil. Deforestation had been a major problem in Brazil and so they wanted too change through offering supply of woods that has been certified. The rally driver says that he is always exited in environmental awareness hence founding the Floresvale company. His company’s success grew as a result of buying lands which are already planted unlike the other method of buying a land then planting trees.