Doe Deere Went Through A Lot Before Fulfilling Her Dreams

Doe Deere is proud of the fact that she is an immigrant to the United States of America. She believes that immigrants are some of the most enthusiastic people in America, and she was able to fulfill her American dream because of moving to the country twenty years ago. She, her mom, and her sister came from Russia with the hope that things would be better for them in America. But, the money that her mom had saved up didn’t last long, and they soon lost their apartment and had to live out of a homeless shelter.

But, the help that they received at the shelter was great, and that is where Doe Deere changed her name, which had previously been Xenia Vorotova, and began working on sketches of designs that she wanted to work on. She kept her dreams with her through college, which a kind woman running a nonprofit helped her get into, and she became the owner of her own business in 2008.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime to encourage women to be bold with the way that they look. She created each makeup product with care to make sure that it had the right amount of color and shine. Doe Deere’s makeup brand has become quite popular, as it is so unique from what else is out there. She believes that it is important to show people that they can do anything because she would never have believed when she was homeless that she would one day be a CEO. She says that it is incredible to think back on that time and see how far she has come. And she says that she never would have been able to fulfill her dreams if it weren’t for the help that she and her family received when they were vulnerable.