Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelson Reveals His Investment Strategies

Igor Cornelson is one of the investors who believe that not being influenced by other people’s take on investment is the way to go. Born on Curitiba, Brazil, he has since mastered the ways of the market. Although originally an engineering student, he saw his potential as an investor, and because of that, he changed course and finished economics at the Federal University of Parana in 1970. Since then, he has threaded on storms and sunny days of the Brazilian Market.

His first gig was as an investment banker in Rio. He was promoted as a board of director in a bank called Multibanco and became the CEO after two years. He led Multibanco for another one year before the bank was acquired by the Bank of America. Going to another bank called Unibanco, he stayed in the company till 1985 before moving to London with a new job in Libra Bank PLC. This led him and his colleagues to go to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank after a few years. He became successful and decided to start his own investment firm in 1995.

One of his most popular approaches in the market is to tackle the undefeated monsters. One of Igor Cornelson’s numerous strategies is to make investments that have too many risks that most of the investors will choose to avoid. He believes that these investments will have the largest returns. This fresh perspective led him to the success that he has today.

Igor Cornelson also believes that the most popular types of investments tend to lose money over time. He is a fan of investments which starts in low income but will increase rapidly in value because these investments give the best returns over long periods of time. He is also an avid follower of the latest trends and is known to read publications to keep informed.