Barbara Stokes Adopts Innovative Methods to Build Energy Efficient Homes

Innovation technology has changed the manner in which many activities and operations are done in the world. Even construction companies have adopted modern technology to build houses that are addressing the current needs of homeowners. Green Structure Homes at Alabama is one of the homes building agency that has chosen to incorporate modern technology to build homes that are appealing to the owners and other home buyers. Under the leadership of Barbara Stokes, GSH has assumed the role of the market leader in the incorporation of technology to build homes and other structures. Read more at Business Insider.

Barbara Stokes has made sure that Green Structure Homes at Alabama only builds homes that are energy efficient. The houses build by GSH have their cooling and heating systems which mean that they do not require to be heated or cooled by the use of electricity. This means that the homes are solar cells that convert and store light energy in the form of electricity for future use. Moreover, the windows used in the construction of such houses can reflect away light when it is hot or absorb light energy when it is cold.

Barbara Stokes has also played a key role by ensuring that Green Structure Homes construct houses that are environmentally friendly in a period where people are struggling with the impacts of climate change. The homes are made such that they have their sewerage systems that recycle the waste which ensures that the solid and liquid waste from home is not disposed of in the local rivers to pollute water. Barbara Stokes leadership and innovative skills have helped the entity to ensure that the homes can collect and store their water instead of relying on the tap water supplied by the local agency. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Finally, the leadership skills of Barbara Stokes are evident in the construction of cheap houses that are affordable to many members of the community. Despite the cost of construction going higher every year, Green Structure Homes have developed a strategy that helps the organization to build cheap homes. The materials used are cheap which brings down the overall cost of the house. Additionally, the houses built have proved to be very comfortable to the users while at the same time being durable.