Aloha Constructions Can Help with All Construction Needs

Aloha Construction is a family-owned company that consists of bonded as well as insured general contractors. They provide services for everyone located in Illinois and stretch as far as Southern Wisconsin. Aloha Construction has completed more than 18,000 different projects, making them very experienced in all things construction! Helping with different things like roofing, siding and even gutters, they are there to help with simple updating projects or after storm damage has occurred.


Aloha Construction looks forward to helping their customers with damage from things such as high winds, hail and storms. They are fulfilling their promise to their customers of building them quality homes through their new launch of a restoration service that provides indoor restorations. This year of their business is focused on making every residents life easier.


Aloha Constructions focuses on the growth of the company being centered around making sure that their customers feel safe and secure inside their homes. Because of this, they are launching their new interior restoration products to provide their customers with assistance in their kitchens, basements, bathrooms, water extraction and even national disaster clean-up and aide. Aloha Constructions also follows a vigorous as well as very thorough inspection process that includes 9 different steps to help identify different issues that may be showing with a roof. The process is able to determine what the extent of damage is, the age life that is remaining, ventilation within the attic and also flashing. If any damage is found, a project and plan is chosen for each individual need.


For those who are unable to afford to pay for their repairs immediately and who’s insurance company is unwilling to help out, Aloha Construction also works with a great financing company with over 84 years of experience in retail. Synchrony, who is also a leader in financing many different major purchases and also works as one of the largest private label credit card providers in the United States, is able to help with the financing to get any remodeling jobs done.